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NAIT Electronic Cattle Tags

Also known as RFID or EID tags

Birth Tag – FDX

$3.80 per unit excluding GST

(includes NAIT royalty)


Birth Tag – HDX

$4.85 per unit excluding GST

(includes NAIT royalty)


Replacement Tags

Prices as above

(includes $0.90 NAIT royalty)

* Printed with AHB number only - (NO ANIMAL ID NUMBER)
* Used only for animals that lose their birth ID tag

please tick one:

EID Applicators (required)

An EID Applicator is required for
applying the electronic tags.

All prices are exclusive of GST
and are subject to change.
Identiplier EID Lazamatic Universal applicator
Order Applicators (Optional) Identiplier
($48.30 each)
EID Lazamatic
($103.90 each)
Universal applicator
($33.50 each)
  Quantity: Quantity: Quantity:

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