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DNA Testing & Sampling Guide

Collecting Hair Samples


DNA is contained in the root of the hair, not in the shaft itself. It is therefore essential that the hair roots (which are clearly visible as bulbous protrusions) are attached to the plucked hairs submitted for DNA analysis.


It is important that tail hairs submitted for DNA analysis are clean and dry. Moisture, combined with faecal contamination, degrades the DNA, impacting on our ability to obtain a result. Coat hair is not acceptable. It will not be tested and a resample of tail hair will be required.

1) Select 10-20 tail hairs and pluck with a rapid sharp motion. Repeat the procedure to obtain about 30 to 40 hairs.

2) The hooked or bulbous hair roots plucked from under the skin should be clearly visible.

3) If the samples are contaminated with faeces, trim the distal end (opposite end to the bulbs). Place the hairs in a PBB DNA envelope which should be labelled with the unique identity of the subject from which the sample was collected.


Submitting Samples

Obtain envelopes from PBBnz and complete the details in full. Place samples in these envelopes.

Hair samples should be sent to the PBBnz office at the address below:

75 South Street Feilding 4702 or PO Box 503 Feilding 4740.

Semen samples can be sent direct to the laboratory to reduce the risk of “spoiling” at the address below. Preferably the semen straws should be couriered in chilly pack to the laboratory. Full semen straws are preferred over used semen straws. Please ensure the details on the envelopes are completed.

Dr Jenny Cahill
Equine Parentage & Animal Genetic Services Centre
Massey University
Drysdale Drive
Palmerston North

DNA Pricing

Testing Details and Pricing


SNP 149 marker profile (from hair)
* $40.00
Parentage analysis after SNP profile
* $7.00
Input of SNP profile from other laboratory for parentage analysis
* $7.50
DNA Profile including sire and dam verification
(if sire and dam profiles available)
** $34.50
Myophosphorylase Deficiency
Red Factor: Testing does not distinguish the less common wild type allele.
Hypotrichosis/Dilutor/IE & DNA Profile
Dilutor & IE
Combo any 2 of AM, CA & NH
Combo any 3 of AM, CA & NH
Semen Surcharge
Sample postage & handling to a secondary lab
* Relate to SNP marker profiles and parentage analysis using these profiles.
** Relate to microsatellite marker profiles with sire and dam verification, or for multiple sire traces.

BULK DISCOUNTS are available - please contact PBBnz directly.

TURNAROUND TIMES: All tests except the SNP tests take 10 working days. SNP test is 5 weeks.


All prices are GST exclusive.

Prices listed are only available to breed society members (under the PBBnz umbrella) as part of the society registration.

A surcharge of $10.00 will be added for semen and other tissue samples to the prices listed.

While every care will be taken by PBBnz with samples submitted by members, PBBnz is not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur through any source whatsoever. It must be clearly understood that the owner of the samples indemnify PBBnz against any claim.


Payment will be due within 30 days of results being reported and will be debited to your breed society account.


Sample storage is free if parent profile and sample is stored with PBBnz.

PBB DNA Testing - Make informative business decisions with confidence

For all DNA enquiries call us on (06) 323 4484 | or email us at info@pbbnz.com