Datamars Livestock: Sustainable tools for sustainable farming with Speedrite


As stewards of the land, farmers understand the importance of protecting natural resources. At Datamars Livestock, we support our farmers’ passion for sustainability by designing eco-friendly, economical tools for everyday use.

Speedrite, Datamars Livestock’s industry-leading electric fencing brand, is unveiling two new models to complete the portable solar energizer range. These cutting-edge devices show our dedication to providing farmers with environmentally friendly solutions that empower them to embrace sustainable practices, while ensuring the safety and security of their livestock and crops.

Speedrite’s portable solar energizers, designed for easy installation and maximum efficiency, harness solar energy to deliver reliable electric fencing power. As the world continues to prioritize sustainability, these new models align perfectly with the growing demand for eco-conscious farming equipment.


Key Features:

  • New Models: Speedrite’s trusted solar energizer design, now with bigger panels and batteries in 2 J and 3.5 J options.
  • Various Operating Modes: Four different power modes (full, half, day, night) that provide power when you need it and conserve energy when you don’t.
  • Voltage Indication: Indicator lights show output performance of the energizer to determine whether fence needs inspecting.
  • Rugged Design: Large, easy-to-grasp terminals, easy-to-access battery compartment, and ergonomic handle all designed for one-handed use in tough environments.
  • Versatile Mounting: Familiar design for mounting on a wood or steel post.
  • Easy Installation: Set up these portable energizers with ease, making them ideal for remote locations or rotational grazing systems.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Reduce reliance on conventional power sources, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable planet.


Commenting on the launch of these innovative products, Fadi Allos, Senior Product Manager at Datamars Livestock, stated, "We are committed to providing farmers with the tools they need to farm sustainably. Our Speedrite portable solar energizers are a testament to this commitment. They not only offer economic benefits but also promote responsible land management."

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