FMG says see you at the Bull sales…

FMG says see you at the Bull sales…

Rural Proposition Manager, Karen Williams

We’re looking forward to catching up with farmers from across the country this bull sale season!

You’ll see the FMG Team at bull sales around the country to ensure you get cover on sale day, and fantastic service every day after that.

Each year FMG supports over 120 on-farm bull sales, and at an FMG Premier Bull Sale we offer 14 days free insurance cover at the fall of the hammer for all bulls sold up to $50,000. You don’t even need to be an FMG client!

At an FMG Premier Bull Sale, you’ll find FMG is the insurer on the purchaser’s instruction slip - just tick the box to arrange for your bull insurance to be extended to 12 months (this extends the cover beyond the initial 14 days free period) for 7.6% of the purchase price. We will also insure your bulls at non-FMG premier sales for the same rate. When purchasing your bull make sure you think about:

  • matching up the size of the bull with the heifer or cow they’ll be mated with – a better size match reduces the risk of pelvis or pizzle injuries;
  • buying enough bulls to adequately cover the job so your bull doesn’t overdo it; and
  • consider the land contour the bull has come from and will be operating in.

They might sound like obvious things, but our data shows a lot of claims come from injuries or incidents where these factors haven’t been considered. Enjoy your sale season and don’t forget to tag us into your Sale Day social media posts.

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Any questions, call us on 0800 366 466, email us on, or look out for an FMG Rural Manager at the sale. For more information check out