Meet the PBB DNA Team

The PBB DNA team is expanding in response to the growing needs of New Zealand’s sheep and beef farmers.

Genomics are becoming a vital tool for productivity and performance on both stud and commercial farms.

PBB has a new look team of DNA experts - staff dedicated to providing sheep and beef farmers with all their DNA needs.

Megan Ellett is joined by Charlotte Hughes-Long and Sonya Knowles with Sonya in the role of customer engagement agent while Christel Blyth is on maternity leave.

Sonya’s role sees her taking care of all the tag/TSU orders, coordinating Stockbook and processing Neogen DNA samples.

Charlotte joined the PBB team last year as SiL Bureau Consultant and she’s handling all DNA and parentage results processed through PBB and Neogen. Megan, Charlotte and Sonya are supported by Neogen’s Manager Business Development, APAC Genomics, Dr Pieter van As.

PBB Manager of Data and Genetics Megan Ellett says while Sonya is familiar with many breeders and processes there is a lot to learn in her new role.

“Genomic technology is a fast paced and evolving environment and there’s a bit for Sonya to get up to speed on so we’re asking our clients to be patient while she becomes familiar with everything.”

Megan says there are many benefits to engaging PBB as core DNA service provider.
“There’s a raft of reasons but the main reasons to choose PBB for your DNA are quality control which is overseen by our specialist team, ownership of the data is secure and remains with the breeder, confidentiality and efficient turnaround times combined with competitive pricing all make an attractive option when combined with our team of data experts in New Zealand.”
“We can help as much as a client likes and we’ve got all the tools they need to get the job done from visual tags to TSUs to helping interpret DNA results - we make it easy” says Megan.
“We’re also happy to tailor our support to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.”