How do I order TSUs (tissue sample units)?

Directly from the tag person at PBB. Don’t forget that you will require a Tissue Sampling Unit Applicator.

There are a few ways to order, and you can choose the best option for your business:

tissue sample unit

On their own – pre printed

If you provide PBB with the NAIT number, year code and animal number, we can get your TSUs pre-printed.

Blank tsus 2

On their own – blank

You can order TSUs in sets of 10. They will be printed with a pre-allocated barcode number.

TSU birth pack white

With your birth tags

When ordering your NAIT and matching management tags from PBB you can choose to package them with a matching TSU which will be printed with your NAIT number, Year Code and animal number.



Tips on taking DNA samples

For handy tips on how to successfully take a DNA sample and for more information on sample failures download the following:

Can I take a tissue sample at birth?

You sure can! However, you can take them at any time, for example you may need to meet DNA testing requirements for a sale animal.

How do I take a tissue sample from an animal?

Here’s a handy video from Allflex showing how to take a tissue sample.

A video from one of our Hereford breeders of the TSU sampling process.

What do I do with the TSUs once I’ve taken a sample?

  • Store the sample in the fridge, NOT the freezer.

  • Fill out the order form and email the electronic copy to  If you need help with the electronic form do not hesitate to contact PBB and ask for one of the DNA team. They will be more than willing to help.  

    Send your samples to PBB – By tracked post or courier.

    For ease of processing, where possible, it is recommended that you send your samples to us packed in the box the TSUs were provided in. For pricing and breed bundle packages please click here.

    We will take care of the rest.