A newly formed partneship with neXtgen Agri


neXtgen Agri is a genetics consultancy company working across New Zealand and Australia. The company works with farmers to enable genetic gain on their farms. Their team has a wealth of knowledge and is leading the way in the development of successful breeding programs and conducting ground-breaking genetic research.

This partnership will be extremely beneficial for sheep and beef farmers across NZ as we will be collaborating on several projects that should bring new and improved genetic offerings, as well as solutions for problems that the agricultural industry is going to face in the near future.

With help from neXtgen Agri the PBB SIL bureau is increasing in capacity. We will have three dedicated team members to provide performance recording and genetic evaluation services.

We will also be supporting tech company Genesmith which was born from neXtgen Agri and has the mission of deploying facial recognition and machine learning to the global livestock industry. We are excited about the year ahead and what this partnership can bring to the table.