Sheep DNA Service Launch

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Geneseek Genomic Profiler (GGP) Ovine 50K DNA test at a glance:

  • Is cost effective
  • Achieve the flock you want faster

The most economic 50K SNP DNA test for sheep, the GGP Ovine 50K, is now exclusively available to New Zealand sheep breeders through PBB and Neogen in Feilding.

There are other 50K DNA tests available for sheep in the marketplace, but they come at a cost of $100+ compared to PBBs cost of $29/test. Another advantage offered by PBB and Neogen is a four-week turnaround time and the ability to send samples away on a daily basis.

Neogen’s Genomics Business Consultant in New Zealand, Dr Pieter van As, said “Neogen is delighted to continue to grow its partnership with PBB by delivering the new Geneseek Genomic Profiler (GGP) Ovine 50K to sheep breeders in New Zealand. “

Dr van As says that the improved genotyping platform, the GGP Ovine 50K, includes, among other elements, SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that have never been part of any commercial genotyping array in history. 

The Neogen GGP Ovine 50K DNA test provides sheep breeders with parent verification as well as evaluation for the following traits*:-

  • Yellow fat gene test
  • Fecundity gene test
  • Booroola gene test
  • Loin muscle gene test
  • Meat and fat yield gene test
  • Increased number of lambs born test
  • Microphthalmia gene test

*This trait list is not finalised and subject to change. Changes will be notified.

Charlotte Hughes-Long, SIL Consultant at PBB says SIL is the largest genetic evaluation of sheep in the world and has been providing genetic evaluation services to NZ sheep breeders since 1998. It is home to genetic information for more than 600 flocks all receiving breeding values (BVs) and indices on their reports.

As a SIL bureau, PBB is able to record about 150 different traits from pre-printed record sheets or directly from a paddock book.

“Why would you bother with anything else? The GGP Ovine 50K DNA test future-proofs your flock,” she says.

“Sheep breeders using the GGP Ovine 50K DNA test will be ahead of the game.”

The GGP Ovine 50K test delivers genomic breeding values (gBVs). A benefit of gBVs is wider use in pedigree linked or related animals, which provides greater genetic reach.

Other benefits of 50K testing include:

  • Parent verification
  • Genomically enhanced breeding values which means breeding and culling decisions can be made with more confidence
  • Improved gBV accuracy
  • Estimates for young sheep will help speed up genetic gain as the generation interval is reduced
  • Financial returns have been conservatively estimated to sit at about $2.75 for each dollar spent on genomics. It’s a conservative estimate because associated and on-going genetic improvement is cumulative.

Charlotte says it will be an easy process for sheep breeders to order their GGP Ovine 50K DNA test.

“They just get in touch with me or complete the order form and then we’ll supply the TSU sample tubes which are pre-coded to the ear tag of their animals, then the TSUs are sent back to me for checking before shipping to Neogen and processing.” The order form is available for download at:

After testing is complete the genotype results will be uploaded to the Beef and Lamb Genetics Genotype Database. The parentage analysis is run inside SIL and will be loaded to that breeders SIL records.

Another tool the genomic testing would feed into is the recently launched nProve website (, developed by Beef and Lamb Genetics in partnership with RMPP.

nProve is freely accessible by commercial farmers and stud breeders, it’s an online tool that is user-friendly with farmers using a series of buttons and slider scales to describe what they need from a ram. Then with a click of a button nProve generates a list of breeders with rams that tick those boxes.


The GGP Ovine 50K DNA test for sheep is available through PBB for $29/sample.

To find out more email or phone 06 323 0867